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Strategic Business Services, Inc. doing business as Workplace Safety, est. 2007, provides companies in the manufacturing, lumber, agricultural, food. construction and recycling industries assistance with their workplace environmental, health and safety programs, helping them become safety compliant, reducing costs, improving their bottom line, all while improving employee safety and retention.

We work side-by-side with you and your employees, evaluating your safety risk, workplace safety programs, trends, and work site to build a plan and processes to help your company reduce safety risk, achieve your workplace safety goals and then stay on track with compliance.
Our focus is primarily on the following industries:
• Textiles
• Manufacturing
• Construction
• Wood products
• Agriculture
• Fleet Safety
Locations we provide services to include: Bangladesh, Canada, Mexico, the continental Unites States, Alaska, and Hawaii. Services provided are environmental, safety, and health evaluations, Injury and Illness Prevention Program evaluation development and implementation. New Employee Orientation Program Development and specific training requirements such as Fleet Safety, Powered Industrial Truck Training and specific topic trainings.