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Workplace Safety

I started Strategic Business Services, Inc. doing business as Workplace Safety in 2007 because I am passionate about helping companies realize the results that come along with ensuring workplace safety, everything from reduction of costs to employee retention. I have been providing his analysis and recommendations on safety since 1997, and have been Associate Risk Management (ARM) certified since 2001.

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I believe in working with you to analyze your existing workplace safety programs results, identifying safety risks, and developing systems to mitigate risks and improve the overall safety program. I do this by actively working with clients to set up safety committees, train supervisors, and evaluate the workplace environment. With the ability to travel worldwide and communicate face to face utilizing technology, any company can benefit from the workplace safety services. I have provided services in Canada, Alaska, and most parts of the contiguous United States, I have traveled to Bangladesh to provide safety inspection services to factories in that county.