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Reducing Safety Hazards While Securing Truck Load For Travel

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Watch the video and identify the safety hazards, make comments with suggestions for better alternatives.

On the previous post, OSHA Inspections I used this video to begin to discuss OSHA visits.

In this post I want to identify a few of the safety hazards, and get some feedback on what you might think about this.  How many do you identify?

The initial safety hazard that I notice is the height that the workers are working at is at least 10, and probably 12 feet from the ground.  A fall from this height can be deadly or crippling.  Most falls from this height result in a significant injury to the employee.

The second hazard noted is the employees (two of them) working in the bucket on the dump hopper, this is probably prohibited on the safety panel on the hopper itself.  It puts two people at height in the control of the mechanical device and driver, on a road with passing traffic.  Add in a passing vehicle whose driver is distracted and you have four potential fatalities.

While OSHA may not cite for prepping the load for shipment, they more than likely would cite for working inside the bucket, especially if the workers used the bucket as their means of getting up on the load like that.

I am interested to hear / read what others think about this set up and how it can be done differently.

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Keith McNeilly, ARM

18 years working with workplace safety programs in various industries to include food processing, construction and manufacturing. Retired with 27 years combined military service. Independent safety consultant since 2007.

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